Stunning Student Masterpieces – Illustration From Imagination Class of June 2020

Over the past 7 weeks, our Illustration From Imagination students have worked so hard to push themselves out of their comfort zones and challenge their creative limits. 💪

For many of our students, it’s been a challenging ride, but that makes it so much more rewarding! They’ve massively leveled up their painting skills and learned practical skills like thumbnailing before starting a project and getting the composition just right, but they’ve also made some crucial mindset shifts to get past the fears of “not being good enough” and the resistance that sets in when they don’t know where to start. 😱

These are vital skills for all successful professional painters, and that’s why Illustration From Imagination immediately puts our graduates at an advantage when it comes to pursuing a career doing something they truly love and look forward to every single day.

A huge congratulations is in order! 🥳🥳

Every lesson in Illustration From Imagination is geared toward one final goal: to follow a brief set by a fictional client (Paintable Productions! 🖌) and create a killer portfolio piece: a beautiful movie poster.

Our students have loved working alongside the IFI community, getting valuable feedback from their peers (and from me), and seeing each others’ progress and final artwork…

But it wouldn’t be fair to keep all of their stunning paintings to ourselves, would it? 😉

Scroll down for a sample of the incredible final artworks.

👉 Check out the full set of uploaded final masterpieces here.

Want to see more? Check out the whole graduating class of June 2020 here. 👇

And if you want to learn more about what it’s like to participate in Illustration From Imagination, or sign up for the next round, here’s all the info.

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